Background: white book pages

Where is Luna?

A book for
blind and
seeing people

Reading Sample

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The book

What is the story about?

Follow tomcat Tim in search of
his girlfriend Luna. On the way,
he meets different animals.
While Tim is looking for Luna
it is getting dark. For nocturnal
animals, the day is just beginning.
But how do you think they
orientate themselves in the dark?

Freindly cat on yellow book cover (C) Anna Weinzettl

Tactile bird and friendly landscape on a book page

Who is the target audience?

As a read-aloud book, it is
particularly interesting for
visually impaired children
who can look at the pictures
and reinforce the impressions
by touching them.
Blind children as well as blind
parents can read the book
with their families.The book
generates great interest in
nursery and primary schools
and explains how braille works.

Opened book, a hedgehog, the pages become darker on the right side

“My daughter reads the book with great pleasure – every day!”

David, a blind reader from Vienna