The Font · luckydots
Backgrond: white letters

Lucky Dots Braille

A new typeface
for blind and
seeing people


A new typeface directly translates
each tactile letter into a printed
character. This allows seeing people
without previous knowledge to
read braille right away.

Hand reading text with braille and printed characters


Now everybody can start reading
braille with blind children: whether
parents, grandparents or friends.
Even blind parents love to read
the story with their seeing children.

two children reading

The design
of the font

Every single braille letter is
directly translated into a
printed character. The visual
font adapts to the measures
of braille characters, which
perfectly meet the standards.

braille and printed font: detail


Lovingly designed illustrations
invite one to explore
different surfaces and finely
balanced compositions which
create a unique experience
for the hands.

cat on book page with tactile outline and filling

“This lacquer printing is the best
the market currently has to offer.”

Johannes, teacher at a school for the blind