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Questions and Answers

What is the main benefit of LUCKY DOTS?

Lucky Dots brings braille into the families, so everybody can start reading braille with blind children. It raises awareness for braille and inclusion in general.

Why is printed braille so important?

The many accessible technology tools and devices available today are of great help to blind people, but children often do not feel the need to learn braille anymore. Blind children usually get in touch with letters shortly before entering school. Unlike sighted children, they often do not have the feeling, that reading is important. But learning braille is crucial for education and participation in society.

Does your typeface work for English braille?

Yes. It can be used for uncontracted braille (grade 1). This is the most basic form of braille, which is used for beginners.

Did you change the braille letters?

No. The visual font adapts to the measures of braille characters, which perfectly meet the standards. Each and every braille sign is translated directly into a printed character, and command signs are explained by the change following them (e.g. „capital sign“ „a“ = „A“)

How did you develop the tactile illustrations?

Pushing the printing technique to its very limits I developed the tactile illustrations in close cooperation with blind test readers. In future each illustration will be tested by blind readers before publishing it.

Who can order the books without shipping costs?

Most countries worldwide agreed to send texts for blind readers for free, including any household with a blind person as well as official Institutes for the Blind.