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Anna Weinzettl

About me

Besides working on braille fonts and tactile illustrations I am an Austrian designer focusing on logos, corporate design, books and exhibitions. Have a look at my work at www.annaweinzettl.at.

During my training as graphic designer in 2004, I developed a typeface visualizing braille characters.

In 2005 I started my own business to realize my first braille projects. After my studies at Miami Ad School Europe and various working experiences for design agencies in Vienna and Graz, I discovered a new printing technique in 2019. The braille dots are not embossed but made of tiny, transparent drops applied on paper. Pushing this technique to its limits, I then created my first children’s book.

Have fun reading!


  • ADC*E – European Student of the Year, 2006

  • CCA – Golden Venus, Rookie of the Year, 2006

  • IT-Papier Price, Gold, 2005

  • Logo Award, Gold, 2005

portrait of Anna Weinzettl, designer of LUCKY DOTS

“Your book is really a work of art”

Karin Ondas, a reader from Graz